How an Exhaust Upgrade Can Improve Your Truck's Performance

An exhaust system is one easily overlooked truck part, even though it plays a critical role in overall vehicle performance. It is surprising that some truck owners choose to stick with the factory exhaust systems. Maybe it's because they don't know the benefits of upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust system.

Understanding Exhaust Performance Difference

Aftermarket exhausts, also known as performance exhaust systems, differ from stock exhausts in a couple of ways. But the main areas of interest that make a difference in a truck's performance are the pipe diameter and pipe bends.

Performance exhaust systems have larger tube diameters than factory exhausts. Therefore, the performance exhausts guide a larger volume of waste gases and combustion products away from the internal combustion engine.

The factory exhaust piping uses the crush bending technique, which restricts airflow. When it comes to performance exhausts, the manufacturers utilize the mandrels technique, which is less restrictive.

With that being said, let's explain how an exhaust upgrade can improve your truck's performance.

Ways an Exhaust Upgrade Improves Vehicle Performance

1. Increased Power and Acceleration

One of the first differences you'll see after replacing your stock exhaust system with a performance exhaust is power gains. Since an aftermarket system is less restrictive, it expels a significant amount of waste gases and reduces the backpressure.

By optimizing combustion emissions, your engine will breathe with ease, delivering extra horsepower. The more horsepower your truck engine produces, the better it will accelerate.

2. Increased Fuel Efficiency

Upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust system like a Ford truck performance exhaust can help you save money at the pump. When the power and acceleration increase, your vehicle engine burns fuel with more efficiency. In the long run, the difference in cost is easy to notice.

3. Reduced Engine Heat

Approximately 65 percent of the energy generated in the combustion chambers gets lost as waste heat. Nearly 35 percent of the waste heat gets lost to the radiator. The remaining goes out of the tailpipe.

Obstruction along the exhaust system can cause backpressure issues, meaning the heat can't escape properly.

Fortunately, installing a performance exhaust can help avoid this issue that may overload the truck's cooling system, making the engine overheat.

As you can see, upgrading to performance exhaust makes sense. What's more, you can muffle more of your engine noise. After understanding how an exhaust upgrade can improve your truck's performance, it's time to turn to trusted industry experts. Here at Norcal Diesel Performance, we can steer you in the right direction to get the most out of your truck.