About Norcal Diesel Performance

Who We Are

At Norcal Diesel Performance we use our years of diesel repair and upgrade experience to select only the best diesel parts for our customers. We’re committed to offering you the best parts at the best prices. As the owners of two successful shops, we help diesel truck drivers upgrade their rigs to meet their individual needs: increased reliability, better towing power, or boosted racing performance. Of course, not everyone can bring their truck to the Sacramento area, so we, Cal and Nick Adamson, are bringing you this online diesel performance store. It’s a good way to share our expertise with lots of diesel enthusiasts. Like you, we work hard but also like to blow smoke, go fast, and have some fun.

What Makes NorCal Diesel Performance Different?

We have been in the automotive business most of our lives and have held about every job title in the industry, from lot porter to service manager. Our parent company, Adamson Automotive was established in 2012, and all the years we’ve spent choosing and installing parts at Adamson Auto & Diesel and Orangevale Diesel have taught us plenty about the parts you need to take your truck to the next level. We promise Diesel Performance, Done Right.

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