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1994–1997 Ford OBS 7.3L Powerstroke Parts - 7.3L OBS Transmission Parts
Don’t underestimate your transmission. This crucial and complex piece of machinery is key to your truck working as intended, as having issues with one or more of its component pieces can throw everything off. For those who work on their own Ford transmissions, you need a place to pick up your Ford OBS parts that you can trust. Norcal Diesel Performance makes it easy to find the components and parts that you need to fix or upgrade your transmission until it’s working how you’ve always wanted it to work. Whether you need something very specific or you’re looking for a whole kit, Norcal Diesel Performance can help you get your truck’s transmission running at peak performance.

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1994–1997 Ford OBS 7.3L Powerstroke Parts - 7.3L OBS Transmission Parts - Automatic Transmission Assembly
At NorCal Diesel Performance, we offer a range of automatic transmissions for your truck. Our transmissions are built to handle the high torque and horsepower demands of diesel engines, ensuring...More Details »
1994–1997 Ford OBS 7.3L Powerstroke Parts - 7.3L OBS Transmission Parts - Automatic Transmission Parts
Finding automatic transmission parts for your truck’s make and model has never been easier than with Norcal Diesel Performance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a single component...More Details »

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More About 7.3L OBS Transmission Parts

Transmissions are an essential component of any diesel truck. They are responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the wheels, and they play a vital role in determining how smoothly the truck operates. Diesel truck transmissions are built to withstand heavy use and provide reliable performance under demanding conditions. However, even the best transmissions can experience wear and tear over time, which can lead to decreased performance and reliability.

If you're experiencing transmission issues with your diesel truck, it's important to have a reliable source for repairs and upgrades. Upgrading your transmission can offer several benefits, such as improved torque capacity, better fuel efficiency, and increased durability. At NorCal Diesel Performance, we specialize in providing top-quality transmission services and components for diesel trucks of all makes and models. Our experienced technicians use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to accurately assess any transmission issues and provide effective solutions, whether you need a complete transmission replacement or just a few replacement parts.

We carry a wide range of high-quality transmissions and transmission parts from trusted brands such as ATS, BD Power, and Sun Coast. Our selection includes everything from complete transmissions to individual components like torque converters, valve bodies, and shift kits. We pride ourselves on offering reliable components that are built to withstand the demands of heavy use, as well as expert advice and support to ensure you get the right parts for your needs.