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Trucks that you drive right off of a lot won’t have many gauges available for you to monitor things; usually, they’ll just have the standard dashboard array. For serious diesel truck drivers, this doesn’t always cut it when it comes to being able to see your truck’s performance. Norcal Diesel Performance offers plenty of diesel gauges to better monitor what is going on with your engine as you drive, no matter what kind of engine you’re using. Our gauge pods make it easy to mount these gauges in easily accessible and visible areas of your truck so that they’re never far from view. Outfit your truck with as many gauges and gauge pods as you need!

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Ignition Performance Module
Description: CTS2 POD ADAPTER KIT with CS2 GROMMET (allows CTS2 to be mounted in dash pods)
Condition: New
Limited Supply: Only 7 Left!
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Price: $18.86

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