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  • (X) Year: 2003
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Description: This injector is part of our Cobra Injector program. We make several different sizes of this injector. King Cobra Injectors reflects the size of this injector. It is the largest sizing that we...More Details »
Condition: New
Price: $843.19
Sale: $817.15
Save: 3%
Save: $26.04

Description: The Industrial Injection Cummins 24 Valve Stage 3 Billet Pushrods are designed to add Ultimate strength and reliability to your 1998.5 2016 Dodge Cummins. If you are running over 4500rpm and...More Details »
Condition: New
Price: $48.83
Sale: $47.75
Save: 2%
Save: $1.08

Industrial Injection - Dodge 5.9L Bosch Common Rail Fuel Connecting Tube
No Image Available
Description: When replacing the injectors in your 5.9L Common Rail we highly recommend replacing the injector connecting tubes to avoid new injector contamination. The most common failure of new injector...More Details »
Condition: New
Limited Supply: Only 5 Left!
  • Texas: 5
Price: $51.00


Items 1-3 of 3

View Universal items for: 2003, Dodge, Ram 1500